2015 : New Publication : Wierzbicki

Fr. Mateusz Wierzbicki of our fraternity in St.Isidores College has published the third book in his series of critical editions of theological work written by Alexander of Hales, OFM.  The present volume is entitled: "Quaestiones disputatae de lapsu angelorum ac protoparentum" ("Questions about the fall of the angels and of our first parents"). This book studies the essence of sin.

Alexander of Hales, from England, lived c.1186-1245, and was Professor of Theology in the University of Paris, the first Franciscan to hold such an office.  He was held in high esteem by many subsequent scholars, including St.Bonaventure, who referred to him as his "father and master."  Like many of his contemporary theologians his views on theology were much broader than became usual in subsequent ages, much closer to theological thinking today. 


2017: June 15/16  A meeting of the OFM General Curia Commission on the Institute of St.Bonaventure Quaracchi was held in these days, chaired by John McCafferty.  Its main agenda was to renew the Statutes of the Institute, and to study means of strengthening the Institute.  Bill Short OFM has care of the follow-up.