St.Isidores College provides for Catholic Marriages for Irish couples.  Arrangements should be made with the community here, at: 

Notice should be given at least four months ahead.  

As the Church is small, with accommodation for about one hundred people, we only accept one marriage in any one day.   We do not have marriages on Sundays or Mondays.

Most of the arrangements for a marriage are taken care of by the couples themselves at home.  The following requirements should be noted:


1.    PRE-NUPTIAL ENQUIRY FORMS (to be completed by your parish priest or his delegate)

2.    BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE (must be new, issued no earlier than six months prior to the wedding)

3.    LETTER OF FREEDOM  (from your Bishop)

4.    DISPENSATION FROM ANY IMPEDIMENTS TO THE MARRIAGE IF THEY EXIST (e.g. if one of the couples is not baptized or  belongs to another church.)

When all the above documents are ready, the priest of your parish should send them to the Bishop of your diocese, with a request that a NULLA OSTA be granted for the celebration of the wedding in Rome.  The papers should then be forwarded directly to St.Isidores College by the Bishop's office. 


Irish citizens residing in Ireland must apply to the Consular Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs (Dublin or Cork) for a Certificate of No Impediment (Nulla Osta).  The Department will send the appropriate application forms, which should be completed and returned to the Department, who will forward them in due course to the Irish Embassy in Rome, and thus to St.Isidores College. 

Be assured of a welcome if you decide to have your wedding here.