A FRANCISCAN THOUGHT:  "As it is true that Francis is son to a loving, heavenly Father, then this is equally true of all other people and things: all are related to and come from the same loving God." 


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January 15, 2016.  A group of Irish and Italian people, meeting in the University Roma Tre to commemorate the centenary of the Rising in Dublin in 1916, finished their session with a visit to St.Isidores, where Micheal gave them a brief history of the house, where there were readings from writings of some participants in the Rising, and some traditional Irish music presented by Comhaltas Ceoltoiri na Roimhe. 





September 2017 The community includes two elements: 1. The Institute of St.Bonaventure for Higher Studies. 2. Irish Franciscan Friars training for the priesthood.